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May, 2016

Will be exhibiting at the 2016 PACIFICON Convention in San Ramon, CA as well as presenting more antenna information at their Antenna Forum.

Presentations of the latest antenna research and many antenna subjects can be arranged for your club or convention. Please contact N6BT

The Next Generation vertical is the

Evolution Vertical

The latest brochure was at the April IDXC (International DX Convention) and you can download it in PDF here:

2016 Next Generation Antennas Brochure

e-mail n6bt at: or

The Evolution Vertical is designed to give you a rotatable, gain antenna without a tower.

The vertical is asymmetrical with NO horizontal radials.

 Gain and pattern have been tested using the Reverse Beacon Network

The EVA-220 is shown to the right.

2el 20 meter rotatable array with a F/B of 8-13dB according to the RBN tests.

The EV-5K is shown to the left

Covers 20-17-15-12-10, manual band change, BUT only move a jumper and no length adjustment.

Vertical above the boom is 17', overall is ~21'. 9' boom. Rotates with inexpensive rotators. Available with optional mast and base post, or 4-spoke base.

~14' total height, built-in ferrite bead balun, SO-239 coax connection.

Signature Series

Beginning with the SS-3e, these antennas are the next generation of my original Force 12, Inc. trapless tri-banders.

The SS-3e is on an 18' boom covering 20-15-10 with 2 ele on 20, 2 on 15 and 4 on 10 (reflector, driver and 2 directors). A new feed system is broader band and element spacers between 15 and 20 keep the operating VSWR stable. Full size elements, easy to build, 1 feed line,>95mph,>5KW.

New, short 40-meter rotatable dipole has been tested for portable, emergency NVIS use and is also great for adding to your tri-bander. Ask for the DXr-140s.




You need this book!

 by Tom, N6BT

founder of Force 12, Inc. developer and former owner of the Force 12 product line, which is now being brought into the 21st century here.

DXr-4  4-band Yagi for 20-15-10-6

One of the first in the next generation of my old product line. The 11.5' boom is easy to build, 1 feed line, >90mph and >5KW

N6BT makes the best antennas; others make comparisons.



DXr series: Dxr-3M, Dxr-4, DXr-5, DXr-6, DXr-29


 • Q-52 & Q-51 Q-52 5-band Yagi and Q-51 Rotary dipole for HF  updated plots and more specs

   • Bravo Series Vertical Dipoles for HF

       • Bravo Series 5 & 7 band for fixed, portable, expedition
         • Bravo Series single band and 2-element SBVA arrays

         • N6BT's new Antenna Book,  Array of Light,  see below (click on book cover)

             • 160 DXpedition vertical used to set QRP and LP Records


DXU-32 3 element 20 and 2 element 40        Want a particular antenna? Let us know...


This is the remote controlled version of the Bravo 7K for 40-30-20 meters. When in 20 meter mode, it can be manually tuned for any higher band 17-15-12-10. Comes complete, just plug in your coax, add 3-conductor control cable and you are on the air. Choose the tri-pod, or base post - whichever you need.


DXr-6 6-band Yagi for 20-17-15-12-10-6 one feed line or separates


DXr-3 3-band Yagi for 20-15-10 one or 3 feed lines (new version of my incredible '31XR)
  DXr-5 5-band Yagi for 20-17-15-12-10 with single or 3 feed lines  

Coming Products

      • 40 and 40/30 meter Yagis
          • 6 meter Yagis and 2 meter Yagis
  (At least one patent has been filed on our vertical antenna designs.)

 The popular Third Edition of Array of Light is ready for you now with PayPal purchase option! 288 full size pages of great information, specs, photos and more    Click on book cover


Tom..Hi…  I am finishing your book and I love it. Lots of thought-provoking insight even for someone with long time expertise in antennas, and lots of practical information for anyone interested in hands-on antenna experimenting. I really –again- congratulate you.  You can quote me if you wish !      Santos Rodriguez, EA4AK

Hi Tom,
I have just finished reading your new book Array of Light 3rd edition and wanted to let you know that it is the best book on HF antennas I have ever read after over 41 years in Ham Radio!  I couldn't put it down - easy to read style, informative, told me things I didn't know, confirmed some things I knew and dispelled a few myths along the way. It won't be far from my shack desk from now on.
                                           Thanks again,  73 de Ian F5VKT / G3YBY

Tom, N6BT, with more than 25,000 antennas and 145,000 elements in the field now offers you the opportunity to enjoy the excellence of his antenna expertise of designing, building and shipping more than 200 production products.

  You can have it your way - Yagis, Dipoles and Verticals 

Monoband, multiband, stacks, 1/4 wave verticals, vertical dipoles, DXpeditions

Turn-key packages with all documentation.

Built to your specifications - survival ratings for the most extreme environments.

Some of N6BT's famous design features

Overlay designs for multiple monoband Yagis
Forward stagger for monoband and multi-band Yagis
Using your tuner for additional band coverage
50 ohm direct feed, wide-band Yagis
3 band open sleeve feed system
“closed-sleeve” feed system
Cross-bar end loaded vertical dipoles (single and multi-band)
Cross-bar end loaded horizontal elements and Yagis            
Loop-end loaded vertical dipoles (single and multi-band)
DXpedition Vertical Dipole arrays
Efficient short dipoles and Yagis
Riveted element construction
Easy-to-use mounting plates
Drop-in, tilt cradle mounts
Pre-positioned element brackets
Pre-drilled element sections
Bundled elements
“Plug and Play” designs & 4’ packaging

For more information, contact Tom Schiller via e-mail or e-mail

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