Next Generation from N6BT 

Q52 Relay-switched 20-17-15-12-10 meter Yagi

For Permanent, Portable, DXpedition Installations

No waiting for motors -- Instant band change and instant bi-directional feature

All aluminum elements - no lossy stainless steel telescoping sections

Intro price of only $549
Q52     20 17 15 12 10
5-band Remote Switched 2el Yagi Coverage band in 2 segments whole band whole band whole band >1.1MHz
20-17-15-12-10 meters max VSWR in band 2:1 /seg 1.5:1 1.5:1 1.5:1 1.7:1
Instant relay-switched band changing            
Bi-directional with instant relay switch element length to full size 49% 62% 73% 85% >96%
3' sections, Integrated Balun Efficiency 84% 93% 96% 99% >99%
SO-239 connector built in Comparison to Full Size -0.8dB -0.3dB -0.17dB -0.04dB -0.01dB
16' long elements, 9' boom, 9' rotating radius            
<2sqft windload, 17 pounds, KW Plot information is below          
Pre-tuned, 12VDC relays or go to Q52-Plots page          
Minimum 85% efficient            
100 mph survival          
Gain: >3.2dBd all bands, min 8-10dB F/B all bands          
Can be re-tuned for any installation          

PLOT INFORMATION - all plots are shown at an installed height of 35' (~11m):

Horizontal antennas produce lobes related to frequency and height above ground.
    The number of lobes is equal to 2 X the height above ground in wavelengths.
         An antenna at a height of one (1) wavelength will have two (2) lobes.
            An antenna at a height of 1/2 wavelength will have one (1) lobe.
                An antenna at a height of 3/4 wavelength will have one (1) lobe, plus the beginning of another at a high angle.

     Wavelengths above ground for Q52 installed @ 35'


.64 .76 .88


      Number of lobes the antenna should have @ 35'

1 1 1/4 1 1/2 1 3/4 2

Standard Plots for Full Size Dipoles

dipole plots for all bands

Download plots (1.5MB ea)

20-plots 17-plots 15-plots 12-plots 10-plots

Download plots comparing to full size G5RV

20-G5RV   15-G5RV   10-G5RV



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